Where Are The Benefits Of Installing And Using Electric Control Valves

Where Are The Benefits Of Installing And Using yyth

Where Are The Benefits Of Installing And Using Electric Control Valves

(1) The regulating valve is a field instrument. The ambient temperature should be in the range of -25~60℃, and the relative humidity should be ≤95%. If it is installed in the open air or high temperature, waterproof and cooling measures should be taken, and it should be kept away from the place with seismic source Vibration source or increase anti-vibration measures.

(2) The regulating valve should generally be installed vertically. Under special circumstances, it can be inclined. For example, when the tilt angle is large or the self-weight of the regulating valve is too large, the valve should be protected by supporting parts.

(3) Generally, the pipeline for installing the regulating valve should not be too high from the ground or the floor. When the pipeline height is greater than 2 meters, a platform should be set as far as possible to facilitate the operation of the hand wheel and facilitate the maintenance.

(4) The pipeline should be cleaned before installation to remove dirt and welding slag. After installation, in order to ensure that no impurities remain in the valve body, the valve should be cleaned again, that is, the pneumatic control valve should be cleaned when the medium is introduced. Open all the valves to avoid the jamming of impurities. After using the handwheel mechanism, it should be restored to the original neutral position.

(5) In order to enable the regulating valve to continue the production process in the event of failure or maintenance, the regulating valve should be equipped with a bypass pipeline, and special attention should be paid to whether the installation position of the regulating valve meets the requirements of the process.

The electric control valve keeps the water system in a balanced state at all times. The electric control valve will not affect the balance of the water system regardless of installation phased construction or equipment phased use, even if it needs to be changed due to changes in some uses in the later stage of the project or after it is put into operation. The water system design in some areas will not affect the water system design in other areas, nor will it affect the water system balance in other areas. Since the entire system is in a dynamic equilibrium state, the refrigeration unit and water pump will operate in the most energy-saving state, saving A lot of maintenance costs…

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