What’s the best material of air vents

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What’s the best material of air vents

As the terminal device of ventilation system and air conditioning system, we often need to select the products that meet our needs from the dazzling air vents when we choose it in destiny. First of all, after calculation by the design department, the shape and area of the tuyere are obtained under a certain air volume. But even if the vents with the corresponding size is found, different materials and different designs will bring us different experience.Normally air vents are mainly made in aluminum alloy, wood, PVC and ABS. 


Aluminum alloy air vents, which is cost-effective, but the price has a greater influence on the raw materials, but in the summer cooling, when supply air temperature is low it will easily lead to air vent surface condensation.


Woodiness air vents’ appearance are beautiful, not easy condensation, decorate a room fit better integral style, but in the winter, due to the large temperature difference between using air conditioning and not using air conditioning, it will lead to cracking, fading and deformation of the air vents.


PVC air vents is not flammable, high strength, but easy to yellow and discolored, and in winter if the hot air temperature is too high, PVC will produce thermal decomposition, the generation of harmful gas to human body.


ABS is a kind of emerging resin material, less deformation, not easy to dew, but the price of the material is slightly expensive. Like wood vents, it will fade, become brittle or even break over a long time.

Therefore, in the selection of tuyere, different application scenarios also need to match the suitable material.

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