What is ceiling exhaust fan?

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What is ceiling exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans can help residents solve the problem of odor and oil fume emission in bathrooms and kitchens, so it is very necessary to install exhaust fans inside the home. There are many types of exhaust fans on the market today. It is still difficult to choose a suitable exhaust fan for installation. So is the ceiling exhaust fan good or not? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling exhaust fan?

The ceiling-mounted exhaust fan is beautiful and compact in appearance and does not take up space. It is mainly composed of a fan, a motor and a pipe. The ceiling-mounted exhaust fan is different from other exhaust fans and needs to be installed at a good location, which will easily affect the overall decoration of the bathroom and kitchen. The ceiling-mounted exhaust fan can be installed directly on the ceiling, which is very convenient. However, because the pipe of the ceiling exhaust fan is relatively short, when installing the exhaust fan, the user also needs to purchase a ventilation pipe matching this pipe, so as to ensure the normal use of the air outlet. In addition, the wind power of the ceiling exhaust fan is very strong. If this kind of exhaust fan is installed in the home bathroom, it can play a good dehumidification effect, and will not let odor and moisture cover the bathroom and other houses. Very obvious.

Although the ceiling exhaust fan has many advantages, we naturally cannot ignore its disadvantages. The ceiling exhaust fan operates in one direction, that is to say, it can only discharge indoor air, but cannot inhale fresh outdoor air into the room, so the indoor air circulation is not very good. Secondly, if the ceiling ventilation fan is installed in the kitchen, there will be more oil fumes, which can only be extracted through the exhaust fan, but cannot introduce outside air, which will have a great impact on the air circulation of the entire room. The oil fume inside the kitchen will adhere to the exhaust fan, block the exhaust fan, and cause the exhaust fan to gradually reduce the suction power of the exhaust fan. Therefore, ceiling exhaust fans are not suitable for installation in places with a lot of oil smoke and poor air quality.

Through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling exhaust fan, we can see that the ceiling exhaust fan is still a good product from the point of view of use. However, it still has restrictions on the use environment and is not suitable for use in places with poor air quality. For places with good air quality such as the living room, the effect of installing ceiling exhaust fans is much better than that of kitchens and bathrooms. .

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