What Are The Uses Of Spiral Ducts?

What Are The Uses Of Spiral Ducts

What Are The Uses Of Spiral Ducts?

Spiral air duct is a thin-walled tube made of metal strip coils into a spiral seam. It is round, non-welded, air-tight, and water-tight. It is mostly used for air supply and bulk material transportation, instead of traditional white iron pipe (ie manual Bite seam iron pipe). It is a kind of wind pipe, full mechanism, straight pipe without manual beating. Its main uses are as follows:

(1) Air supply includes ventilation, such as fresh air supply and exhaust air. This range is very wide. For example, the air in factory workshops and production sites needs to be discharged outside due to the generation of harmful gases, and outdoor air needs to be transported indoors. At this time, the air conveying pipe with high flow and low pressure is used. Spiral duct is the most suitable. Generally, galvanized iron pipe is used, and stainless steel pipe is used in corrosive and particularly humid places.

(2) Send cold air. The most common is the pipeline of central air-conditioning, which requires insulation materials. The spiral duct can be pasted with thermal insulation material inside, and it looks beautiful in appearance.

(3) Exhaust oil fume. A large amount of oil fume is generated in restaurants, restaurants, and hotel kitchens and needs to be discharged. The circular air duct is the oil chimney. Here, the spiral duct should be called the lampblack duct.

(4) Dust removal. In some factories, there is a lot of dust in the production workshops, and special dust removal devices are needed. Among them, spiral ducts can be used for pipes with large air flow.

(5) Transport of bulk materials. In the production process of some factories, it is necessary to transport loose particles, especially the use of spiral ducts such as foamed plastic particles with a small proportion of low cost and good effect.


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