What Are The Advantages Of The Working Principle Of The Self-operated Regulating Valve

What Are The Advantages Of The Working Principle yy

What Are The Advantages Of The Working Principle Of The Self-operated Regulating Valve

According to the structure and function of the self-operated control valve, the control valve can generally be divided into: self-operated temperature control valve, self-operated pressure control valve, self-operated flow control valve, etc., can be applied to most fluid media for automatic adjustment, and it can be effective Convert the energy of the fluid medium into driving force, thereby controlling the opening and closing of the valve.

The working principle of the self-operated regulating valve: When the medium fluid flows from the front of the valve through the valve core and seat throttling, it is converted into the pressure after the valve, and then it is input into the upper chamber through the pipeline to act on the top tray, and then a pneumatic regulating valve is produced. The force will be equal to the reaction force of the spring, which determines the relative position of the valve core and valve seat, thereby controlling the pressure behind the valve. When the pressure behind the valve increases, the force acting on the top plate also increases, making the valve The core is closed to the position of the valve seat, so that the gap between the valve core and the valve seat is reduced, and the pressure decreases after the flow resistance increases.

For traditional control valves, the self-operated control valve does not require external energy. Only the output signal of the regulated medium can effectively adjust the properties of the electric control valve body medium, which not only greatly saves the cost of some additional accessories , It can also reduce energy use and meet the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Self-operated control valve is a new type of control valve that has become popular in recent years. It does not require manual adjustment or external (such as: electric, pneumatic) power adjustment. It is precisely because of this characteristic that it is well received by the industry. Loved and respected, the use of self-operated regulating valve is not only convenient and simple, but also saves resources.

Self-operated control valve Force control valve is a new type of control valve. Compared with manual control valve, its advantage is that it can be adjusted automatically. Compared with electric control valve, its advantage is that it does not require external power. Application practice has proved that, In closed water circulation systems (such as hot water heating systems, air conditioning and chilled water systems), the correct use of this valve can easily realize the flow distribution of the system, realize the dynamic balance of the system, and greatly simplify the debugging of the system. The working condition of the pump can be stabilized.

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