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The Application Range Of Spiral Duct Is Very Wide

The Application Range Of Spiral Duct Is Very yythkg

The Application Range Of Spiral Duct Is Very Wide

The scope of application of spiral duct is very wide. Purification system return air duct, central air-conditioning ventilation duct, industrial air supply and exhaust ventilation duct, environmental protection system suction and exhaust duct, mine gas drainage pipe, mine rubber-coated air duct, etc.

Spiral ducts are classified as air ducts because they were first used for ventilation and cooling. This is the name set according to its purpose, but it can be used in other places, even for drainage, liquid discharge or as a container, which cannot be called a wind pipe. Named according to the structure, it should be called a spiral occluding thin-walled tube, because it is mainly made of metal, it is called a spiral occluding metal tube. If named according to the material classification, there are probably these names: galvanized (iron) spiral pipe, stainless steel spiral pipe, aluminum spiral pipe, or to distinguish it from the existing stainless steel pipe, it can be called ultra-thin stainless steel pipe. It can be rolled with 0.3 mm or even thinner stainless steel strip.

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