The air conditioner has various forms and flexible use


The air conditioner has various forms and flexible use

Air conditioner, a kind of air conditioning system.

A finalized product assembled with compressor, evaporative cooling coil, condenser, filter, motor, fan and automatic control device. Referred to as air conditioner, also known as air conditioning unit. The air conditioner has various forms, flexible use, compact structure and easy installation; the disadvantage is that the humidity control accuracy is not high, the filter can only remove large dust particles, and the maintenance workload in multi-room buildings is large, not suitable for noise and vibration There are rooms with strict requirements. Commonly used air conditioners are room air conditioners and cabinet air conditioners. The former has a cooling capacity of 1,600 to 4,000 kcal per hour, and the latter has a capacity of 104 to 3×105 kcal per hour. Air conditioners are divided into water-cooled and air-cooled according to the assembly method; according to the installation position, they are divided into floor type, wall hanging type, ceiling type and window type; according to function, they can be divided into constant temperature and humidity unit (see picture), air cooler , Heat pump units, dehumidifiers, special air-conditioning units for computer rooms, purification air-conditioning units and low-temperature units, etc. The heat pump can draw heat from a heat source with a lower temperature to heat a room with a higher temperature. When used in reverse, it can draw heat from a room with a lower temperature and discharge it into the atmosphere with a higher temperature, so it can also be used as a refrigerator. The heat pump unit changes the air flow path in the heat pump system by rotating the four-way reversing valve to heat the room in winter and cool the room in summer; or it is used to heat some rooms and cool another. This kind of unit should be used when the summer cooling load is roughly equal to the winter heating load to have better economic efficiency.

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