Talking About The Commonly Used Connection Methods Of Plastic Pipes

Talking About The Commonly Used Connection Methods

Talking About The Commonly Used Connection Methods Of Plastic Pipes

1. Bonding method: Mainly used for the connection of hard PVC pipes and ABS pipes. The method is to coat the socket and the socket with an adhesive, and the socket is squeezed into the socket, and the adhesive is cured. Most of the solvent adhesives used are solutions of PVC in tetrahydrofuran or cyclohexanone, which require moderate viscosity, and the lowest viscosity at room temperature is 90Pa·S.

2. Welding method: mainly used for polyolefin pipes, such as LDPE, HDPE and PP pipes. When welding, the technical requirements for manipulation are relatively high, and relatively few applications.


Plastics are different from traditional materials, and the pace of technological improvement is faster. The continuous emergence of new technologies, new materials and new processes makes plastic pipes more and more prominent relative to traditional materials.

Compared with traditional metal pipes and cement pipes, plastic pipes are lighter in weight, generally only 1/6-1/10 of metal pipes. They have better corrosion resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength. The inner surface of plastic pipes is better than cast iron. The pipe is more smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the fluid resistance is small, and it can reduce the energy consumption of water delivery by more than 5%. It has good comprehensive energy saving, and the manufacturing energy consumption is reduced by 75%. It is convenient to transport, simple to install, and has a service life of 30-50 years.

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