Spiral duct has the following characteristics

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Spiral duct has the following characteristics

1. Smooth appearance, no zinc tumors, burrs, silvery white;

2. Easy installation and few connection points;

3. Low ventilation resistance and low ventilation noise;

4. Both strength and rigidity are good;

5. The thickness is controllable and can be selected arbitrarily within 5-107μm;

6. No hydrogen embrittlement, no temperature hazard, which can ensure that the mechanical properties of the material remain unchanged;

7. It can replace part of the hot-dip galvanizing process;

8. Good corrosion resistance, neutral salt spray test up to 240 hours;

9. It is completed by hot-dip galvanizing, which is suitable for various strong acid, alkali mist and other strong corrosive environments;

10. Various specifications of air ducts can be specially designed and customized according to customer requirements.

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