Tabbed Access Doors

Tab Access Doors

Type Width x Height(mm) Duct opening size(mm)
TAD1515 110×110 70×70
TAD 2020 200×200 160×160
TAD 2525 250×250 210×210
TAD 3030 300×300 260×260
TAD 3535 350×350 310×310
TAD 4040 400×400 360×360


The rectangular tab access doors are designed to provide access to all in-duct equipment for inspection, maintenance and duct cleaning. All tab access doors are of double-skin constructionusing 0.8mm galvanised steel enclosing 25mm 60kg/m2 fibreglass insulation. A flame retardant gasket fixed to the door reduces the risk of air leakage. A positive seal is achieved by the use of camlock fasteners.Radius tabs reduce the likelihood of hand injury

-Installation on square ducts

-In galvanized steel

-25 mm thick of glass wool as thermal insulation layer

-Gasket around the frame makes good sealing

-Clasp lock set makes easy opening and closing of access door