Square Ceiling Diffuser CD-SB

Removable Core
Welded Construction
Used for the supply and exhaust of cooled and heated air Ceiling Diffuser


All diffusers are produced from high quality extruded aluminium, the inner core is located in the outer frame using springs and rods, and each unit is fitted with fixed strings.

· Completely in extruded aluminium; satin anodized or powder-coated white RAL9010, RAL9016.

· The central core is removable for easy maintenance.

· Simple and pleasant appearance.

· Accessories: OBD opposite blade damper Neck adapter.

Neck Size / Face Size
147mm×147mm / 295mm×295mm
222mm×222mm / 370mm×370mm
297mm×297mm / 445mm×445mm
372mm×372mm / 520mm×520mm
447mm×447mm / 595mm×595mm
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