Semi Rigid Flexible Duct

1.Constructed of semi-rigid aluminum for thermal resistance.
2.Elastic, flexible and stretchable.
3.Temperature Range:-25℃~+250℃

Semi Rigid Flexible Duct

1.Aluminum Semi Rigid Flexible Duct, extendable and highly reliable for low and medium pressure air conditioning , ventilation, boiler systems and chimney liners.

2.Semi Rigid Flexible Duct is elastic, flexible and stretchable.

3.Oval and circular connectors are easily installed.


Properties SEMI
Fire Resistance Non-combustible
Construction 1 ply aluminium
Nominal Thickness 90 micron
Available Diameters φ80mm-φ800m
Temperature Range -25℃ /+250℃
Air Velocity 25m/s(max)
Operating Pressure 2000Pa(max)
Standard Length 1.5m/ 3.0m/ 6.0m
Compression Ratio 1/3
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