Roof Flashing Rubber

1.Flexible Roof Flashing design meets all roofing needs
2.Installed using Rubber Seal Screws
3.Made of silicone with a soft aluminum base

Roof Flashing Rubber EPD, RFLR

1.Our roof flashing flexible is designed to meets virtually all roofing needs.

2.Fast and easy installation in less than five minutes.

3.The soft aluminum base is designed to form a seal on most roof pitches and panels.

4.Color: Black, Silver, Red, Grey, Brown, Terra-cotta.

5.The temperature resistance for EPDM Roof flashing is from -50℃ to 160℃ ; silicone roof flashing is from -60℃ to 180℃ .

6.Wide range of roof flashing: (0-18″=0-450mm) dia pipe.

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