Mutigrille Egg-crate Diffusers

1.Made of ABS or HIPS plastic,less susceptible to bacteria
2.Colour is regularly white,other colours are also available
3.Cost effective

Mutigrille Egg-crate Diffusers


1.MG mutigrille egg-crate diffusers use ABS or HIPS plastic,which has U.V.Stablizing and with or without fire retardant.

2.Easy installation and Less susceptible to bacteria.

3.The diffusers are usually white,other colours are available too with a little cost.

4.Because of its material,this diffusers have less condension than regular metal grille.


Code Size(mm) Size(Inch)
MG 150 150 6″
MG 200 200 8″
MG 250 250 10″
MG 350 300 12″