Multisnap D-branch Insulated

Closed cell polyethylene foam insulation material with consistent thickness.
Support hooks for easy hanging.
Available in five sizes.

Multisnap D-insulated, MSD

  • Multi-function double branch fitting with multiple outlet sizes.

  • Revolutionary two piece snap fit design.

  • Available in insulated.


  • Super strong injected moulded plastic construction Multi snap Y’s, D’s and B’s can be snapped together to form a air distribution plenum.

  • Can be snapped onto EZYReducer, Ezy Collar, Zone Boss Damper or Fan Boss Inline Fans.

  • Holding teeth enabling easier fitment of flexible duct core.

  • Unique pin and clip product and insulation fastening system.

Code Size (mm)
MSD 20i 200. 150. 150. 150
MSD 25i 250. 200. 200. 200
MSD 30i 300. 250. 250. 250
MSD 35i 350. 300. 300. 300
MSD 40i 400. 350. 350. 350
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