Louver Grilles Plastic

1.The whole diffuser is made of ABS
2.Suitable for 50mm, 100mm duct
3.With safe and reliable mounting clip

  1. 1.This plastic square diffuser is made of ABS ,which is is a kind of emerging resin material, less

      deformation and  easy to dew.

  2. 2.Designed  for 50mm and 100mm round air ducts,can be installed in flexible ducts or spiral ducts.

  3. 3.The panel can be removed with a safe and reliable mounting clip, easy and firm installation.

  4. 4.The air volume regulating valve is fan form of all ABS material.

Code Size(inch) Neck Size(mm)
24GYE05S 2″ 50
24GYE10S 4″ 100