Plastic pipes are really versatile!

Plastic pipes are really versatile!

Polyvinyl chloride is a versatile material. It can be as hard as industrial pipes, as flexible as plastic packaging, and as thin and flexible as wall lining. It can also be completely transparent or even processed into any desired color.

Building and construction fields

About three-quarters of all vinyl materials produced are used in construction and durable construction applications. Life cycle studies have shown that PVC/polyvinyl chloride is effective in protecting the environment in terms of low greenhouse gas emissions and resource and energy protection.

Because it has strong moisture resistance and abrasion resistance, it is very suitable for coatings, windows, ceilings, fences, decks, wall coverings and floors. Polyvinyl chloride is not as corrosive as some building materials. It does not need to be painted frequently and can be cleaned directly with cleaning products.

Paint and windows

Polyvinyl chloride is used to produce extremely durable and affordable window siding and window frames; in addition, they can also save energy by heating and cooling homes. In fact, the insulation effect of PVC windows is three times that of aluminum windows.

Wiring and cables

Polyvinyl chloride can withstand the worst conditions behind the walls of buildings (such as exposure to changes in temperature and humidity) to extend the life of the building. Therefore, it is one of the most commonly used and reliable materials in wires and cables.

Water pipe

PVC pipes have the advantage of no leakage to save energy and water. These pipes are not easy to corrode and are resistant to environmental pressure. Compared with the rupture rate of molten metal systems, the damage rate of PVC is low, about 1%. There is no accumulation in the PVC pipe, which improves the function and energy efficiency.

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