Periodic calibration of control valves


Periodic calibration of control valves

Units that have not yet carried out predictive maintenance of regulating valves should conduct regular calibrations on regulating valves. Periodic calibration work is preventive maintenance work.

According to different production processes, the regular calibration of the regulating valve should have different calibration cycles. The data provided by the manufacturer can be combined to determine the period of regular calibration of each regulating valve. It can usually be carried out at the same time as the overhaul is carried out during the production process. When some regulating valves are used in high pressure, high pressure drop or strong corrosive occasions, the inspection period should be shortened.

The content of the inspection is mainly the static performance test of the regulating valve. Corresponding test items can be added when necessary, such as the test of the flow characteristic of the regulating valve. Periodic calibration requires related test equipment and instruments, as well as replacement parts. Therefore, the manufacturer can usually be entrusted to complete it.

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