Airandus is a global exporter of ventilation equipment.  Airandus provides a full range of Ventilation products such as flexible ducts, grills and diffusers, and more. All our products are approved by CE, RoHS, and UL certificates.

Unveiling Air Diffuser and Grille Subcategories:

At Airandus, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of ventilation solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Our product category, Air Diffuser and Grille, encompasses several distinct subgroups, each meticulously designed to optimize air distribution and enhance indoor comfort:

1. Air Valves: Our precision-engineered Air Valves ensure optimal air control, allowing for efficient ventilation management in various spaces.

2. Vent Caps and Louves: Discover our Vent Caps and Louves, crafted to facilitate seamless air exchange while safeguarding against external elements.

3. Air Diffuser: Elevate your ventilation system with our Air Diffusers, designed to evenly disperse air and maintain consistent airflow throughout any environment.

4. Air Grilles: Experience a harmonious blend of form and function with our Air Grilles, which not only enhance airflow but also add an aesthetic touch to your spaces.

5. Jet Nozzle Diffusers: Unlock precision airflow control with our Jet Nozzle Diffusers, catering to spaces that require targeted ventilation solutions.

6. Australian Series: Tailored to the specific requirements of the Australian market, our Australian Series offers ventilation solutions optimized for local climate conditions.

7. American Series: Designed to meet the needs of the American market, our American Series ensures efficient and reliable ventilation performance for a range of applications.

Welcome to Airandus, the forefront of innovative ventilation solutions. We specialize in crafting high-quality Flexible Ductwork that redefines air distribution. With our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, Airandus has been a driving force in the industry since our inception in 2012.

Discover Our Flexible Ductwork Subcategories:

Our product category, Flexible Ductwork, comprises a diverse array of subgroups, each designed to revolutionize air circulation and optimize ventilation systems:

1. Flexible Air Ducts: Experience unparalleled flexibility and efficiency with our Flexible Air Ducts, engineered to adapt to varying spaces while maintaining consistent airflow.

2. Flexible Air Duct Clamps and Connectors: Enhance the functionality of your ventilation setup with our precision-engineered Clamps and Connectors, ensuring a secure and airtight connection for seamless airflow.

3. Flat Air Ducts: Introducing our innovative Flat Air Ducts, a space-saving solution that delivers efficient ventilation without compromising on performance.

4. Rectangular Plastic Ducts and Fittings: Elevate your air distribution system with our Rectangular Plastic Ducts and Fittings, combining durability and versatility for a wide range of applications.

Discover Our Spiral Duct and Fittings Subcategories:

Our product category, Spiral Duct and Fittings, encompasses a diverse array of subgroups, each designed to optimize air circulation and enhance the efficiency of ventilation systems:

1. スパイラルダクト及び継手: Experience superior airflow management with our Spiral Duct and Fittings, meticulously engineered to provide optimal performance and durability.

2. ダクトダンパー: Enhance air control with our precision-crafted Duct Dampers, ensuring seamless adjustment of airflow to meet varying ventilation needs.

3. Quadrants: Discover Quadrants designed to facilitate easy connections and enhance the structural integrity of your ventilation system.

4. アクセスドア: Streamline maintenance and inspection with our Access Doors, providing convenient entry points for servicing your ventilation setup.

5. Damper Actuators: Unlock precise control over airflow with our Damper Actuators, offering automated adjustment for efficient ventilation management.

Discover Our Ductwork Components and Accessories Subcategories:

Our product category, Ductwork Components and Accessories, encompasses an array of meticulously designed subgroups, each engineered to enhance your ventilation systems and streamline installation:

1. Ductworkハンガーを支援: Experience the epitome of stability and precision with our Ductwork Hangers and Support solutions, meticulously crafted to ensure secure and reliable suspension of your ventilation components.

2. 支援チャンネル継手やブラケット: Enhance structural integrity with our Support Channel Fittings and Brackets, designed to provide sturdy support and seamless integration of ductwork components.

3. Ductwork Assembly Solutions: Simplify the assembly process with our specialized Ductwork Assembly solutions, ensuring efficient installation and optimal airflow management.

4. ダクト角: Discover precision-engineered Duct Corners that facilitate seamless airflow direction changes, optimizing the performance of your ventilation system.

5. ファスナー: Elevate the efficiency of your installation with our high-quality Fasteners, designed to provide secure and reliable connections between ductwork components.

Discover Our Adhesive Tapes, Thermal Insulation, and Sealants:

Our product category encompasses a diverse array of solutions, each engineered to enhance thermal efficiency and ensure robust sealing within your ventilation systems:

1. 粘着テープ: Experience the epitome of adhesive strength and reliability with our Adhesive Tapes, designed to securely bond various materials and components in your ventilation setup.

2. Thermal Insulation Materials: Elevate energy efficiency with our precision-engineered Thermal Insulation Materials, providing effective thermal barriers and reducing heat transfer within your system.

3. Sealants: Discover our specialized Sealants that ensure airtight and watertight seals, promoting optimal performance and preventing leakage in your ventilation system.

Discover Our Ventilation Fans Subcategories:

Our product category, Ventilation Fans, includes carefully crafted subgroups designed to meet specific air circulation needs:

1. インラインダクトのファン: Experience efficient air movement with our Inline Duct Fans, engineered to optimize airflow within ventilation systems and ensure consistent circulation.

2. Bathroom Fans: Elevate indoor air quality with our specialized Bathroom Fans, designed to effectively remove moisture, odors, and pollutants, creating a fresh and comfortable bathroom environment.


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Airandus is a global exporter of ventilation equipment. Established in 2012 by a group of enthusiasts who strived to deliver premium quality products while keeping the installation costs low. With these ideas in mind, we put a lot of effort into creating a strong community , deserving of our customers’ trust.Within less than a decade we became a global international company which cooperates with more than 60 countries all around the world. Airandus provides a full range of Ventilation products such as flexible ducts, grills and diffusers, and more. All our products are approved by CE, RoHS, and UL certificates.




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