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Welcome to Airandus, your source for a comprehensive range of Air Grilles and Dampers designed to optimize airflow control and ventilation systems. In this product category, we offer a variety of solutions, including GDD, OBD-A, OBD-B, SFR, and CLIP products, each tailored to enhance the performance of your ventilation system.

Explore Our Air Grilles and Dampers:

Discover our diverse range of Air Grilles and Dampers, each designed to provide efficient airflow control and easy installation:

1. GDD Spiral Ducts Grille Damper:

  • Efficient Airflow Control: The GDD Spiral Ducts Grille Damper is designed for precise and efficient airflow control within ventilation systems, allowing you to regulate and optimize air distribution for improved comfort.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, this damper ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for a variety of ventilation applications.
  • Compatibility: The GDD damper is compatible with our Sub Frame (SFR), providing a convenient base for easy and quick snap-in mounting of grilles using mounting springs (CLIP).
  • Clip Options: Various clips, including corner clips, damper clips, and grille fixing clips, are available for secure and hassle-free installation.

2. OBD-A and OBD-B Opposite Blade Dampers:

  • Precise Airflow Control: The OBD-A and OBD-B Opposite Blade Dampers are designed to provide precise airflow control and regulation within ventilation systems.
  • Material Options: OBD-A dampers are made of painted steel sheet, while OBD-B dampers are crafted from extruded aluminum, offering material choices to suit your specific requirements.
  • Compatibility: Both OBD-A and OBD-B dampers can be used with our Sub Frame (SFR) for easy snap-in mounting of grilles using mounting springs (CLIP).
  • Clip Options: Choose from various clips, including corner clips, damper clips, and grille fixing clips, for convenient and secure attachment.

3. SFR Sub Frame:

  • Easy Installation Base: The SFR Sub Frame provides a stable and easy-to-use base for the quick snap-in mounting of grilles. It simplifies the installation process and ensures secure attachment.
  • Compatibility: The SFR Sub Frame is compatible with our range of grilles and dampers, including GDD and OBD models, to facilitate efficient installation.

4. CLIP Mounting Springs:

  • Convenient Attachment: CLIP Mounting Springs are designed to simplify the installation of grilles and dampers. They provide a secure and efficient way to attach these components to the SFR Sub Frame.

Our Vision and Commitment:

At Airandus, our commitment to excellence and innovation has guided us since our establishment in 2012. We prioritize quality and reliability in all our products to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards.

Recognizing the importance of precise airflow control, our range of Air Grilles and Dampers has been thoughtfully engineered to offer dependable and efficient solutions.

Experience Excellence with Airandus:

By choosing Airandus, you’re selecting a legacy of excellence and innovation in ventilation equipment. Our manufacturing processes combine cutting-edge technology with expert craftsmanship to deliver products that redefine airflow control efficiency.

Our Air Grilles and Dampers, along with the SFR Sub Frame and CLIP Mounting Springs, reflect our dedication to quality and performance. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have improved their ventilation systems with Airandus.

Contact Us Today:

Ready to enhance your ventilation system’s airflow control? Contact Airandus today to explore our range of Air Grilles and Dampers, SFR Sub Frame, and CLIP Mounting Springs. Experience firsthand the innovation, quality, and customer service that make us a trusted name in the industry. Your journey to improved airflow control begins here.

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