Installation requirements of diffuser

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Installation requirements of diffuser

1. The selection and layout of replacement vents should be determined based on the building’s internal conditions, functions, cooling and heating system schemes, possible airflow organization in the active area, and available air vent forms and other comprehensive factors;

2. In order to meet the thermal comfort requirements of the human body, the general air diffuser for civil buildings should usually be set at a height of ≤0.8m, and the outlet wind speed should be controlled at v≤0.2~0.3m/s. For air-induced air supply outlets, the outlet wind speed is not within this limit, but the wind speed reaching the human body should be within the required range;

3. When arranging the supply air diffuser, indoor personnel should be outside the vicinity of the diffusion plane;

4. The air supply diffuser should be arranged in a place where the indoor air is easy to circulate, and there should be no large number of obstructions in front of the diffuser;

5. The air diffuser should not be arranged indoors near the outer wall or the side of the outer window, and should be arranged as far as possible in the center of the room or where the cooling load is concentrated;

6. The exhaust vent should be set at the highest place in the room as much as possible. The return air outlet should be set above the height of the indoor thermal stratification or the active area. The position of the return air outlet should not be higher than the exhaust outlet.

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