How To Use Roof Waterproofing Glue?

How To Use Roof Waterproofing Glue?

How To Use Roof Waterproofing Glue?

First of all, thoroughly clean the roof to be repaired, remove scale, moss, ash, etc., so that all the fresh cement layer is exposed. First, make a leveling layer on the roof, which is required to be flat, firm, clean, and free of water, and the yin and yang corners should be made into an arc.

After the roof is dry, mix it evenly with 1 part of waterproof glue and 1 part of water, and brush the roof once with a brush. After the second brushing or scraping is completed, the waterproof glue can only be brushed and scraped after the waterproof glue is completely dry. The total thickness of the glue layer is 1-2 mm.

After the waterproof glue is completely dry (2 to 4), use 1 part of cement and 2 parts of fine sand, add tap water to mix the cement and fine sand evenly, add 3% waterproof glue according to the total weight of the cement, and scrape the roof for 3 The protective layer of ~5mm can be used normally after 24 days.

The entire construction process must be carried out in dry conditions. If it rains during construction, please cover it with plastic film. 3. Leakage repair method for windows, balconies, kitchens, and bathrooms: directly apply waterproof glue after cleaning the leaking areas, and it can be used after 2 to 24 days. 4. Anti-leakage method for newly built (renovated) toilets: use the a and b methods of roof fragmentation leak repair method. Methods of using waterproof glue 1. Waterproofing of external wall tiles: the base surface is thoroughly cleaned, dried, oil-free, and dust-free, repair cracks to eliminate the honeycomb pockmarked surface, and use manual brushing or high-pressure mist spraying, in order to fully penetrate and cover.

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