How to store various characteristics of pneumatic control valves

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How to store various characteristics of pneumatic control valves

(1) Equal percentage (logarithm) Equal percentage relative stroke and relative flow are not in a straight line relationship, the change in flow caused by unit stroke change at each point of the stroke is proportional to the flow at this point, the percentage of flow change It is equal, so its advantage is that the flow rate is small, the flow rate change is small, when the flow rate is large, the flow rate change is large, and the pneumatic control valve has the same adjustment accuracy at different opening degrees.

(2) Linear characteristic (linear) The relative stroke of linear characteristic is in a linear relationship with the relative flow. The flow change caused by the change of the unit stroke is constant. When the flow is large, the relative value of the flow changes small, and when the flow is small, the flow is relative. The value changes greatly.

(3) Parabolic characteristic, the flow rate changes in proportion to the two sides of the stroke, and generally has an intermediate characteristic of linearity and equal percentage.

Perhaps many customers have not considered the storage and storage methods of electric control valves and pneumatic control valves, because we know that pneumatic control valves are not put into use as soon as they are produced, and they must be stored by the purchaser for a period of time, so how to store them can guarantee The good performance of the pneumatic control valve is not damaged.

The pneumatic control valve should be stored in a ventilated and dry room, preferably not stored in the open air, and its sealing ring should not be in contact with oily substances, so as to prevent the sealing ring from being affected and aging. The self-operated control valve is stored and transported: its To prevent dust and rust, we need to keep the channel clean. The processing surfaces at both ends of the electric butterfly valve should be cleaned of dirt and coated with anti-rust agent.

Pneumatic control valves whose storage period exceeds 18 months should be tested again before installation and use to ensure the integrity of its structure and function. When placing the electric butterfly valve, ensure that the electric device is not squeezed and the terminal is not affected. Destroy, and prevent contact with corrosive substances, and handle with care to avoid damaging electrical components and mechanical parts.

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