How To Solve The Vibration Of The Control Valve


How To Solve The Vibration Of The Control Valve

1) The method of increasing the stiffness can increase the stiffness to eliminate or weaken oscillations and slight vibrations. For example, it is feasible to choose the spring of the electric control valve with large stiffness and use the piston actuator.

2) Increase the damping method. Increasing the damping means increasing the friction against vibration. For example, the valve plug of the sleeve valve can be sealed with an “O” ring, and graphite packing with greater friction can be used, which can eliminate or attenuate slight vibrations. It still has a certain effect.

3) Increase the guide size and reduce the fit clearance method. Generally, the guide size of the shaft plug valve is small, and the fit clearance of all valves of the self-operated control valve is generally larger, which is 0.4 ~ 1mm, which is helpful for generating mechanical vibration. Therefore, when slight mechanical vibration occurs, the vibration can be weakened by increasing the guide size and reducing the fit gap.

4) Change the shape of the throttle to eliminate the resonance method. Because the so-called vibration source of the regulating valve occurs at the orifice where the pressure changes sharply at a high speed, changing the shape of the throttle can change the frequency of the vibration source. When the resonance is not strong It is easier to solve.

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