How to reduce noise from ventilation ducts

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How to reduce noise from ventilation ducts

The main function of ventilation ducts is to circulate the air and reduce the concentration of harmful gases. We will inevitably generate a certain amount of noise during use. If it is used in residential areas and commercial areas, excessive noise will have a great impact. To the nearby crowd, how should we avoid noise during the construction process?

1. The angle of the spiral duct air duct should be reduced as much as possible.

2. The standard soft joint device prevents the soft joint canvas from loosening and causing wind resistance and causing wind noise.

3. The dynamic balance adjustment of the spiral duct fan impeller system is reasonable and normal, and the positive and negative are not greater than the fluctuation of the five wires.

4. Control the air outlet and return air intervals to prevent the self-excited appearance and small circulation space during air convection.

5. The suspension adopts the full-time connector with a spring shock absorber to reduce the beating or common frequency caused by torsion during operation.

The above five points are the methods to avoid the noise generated by the ventilation ducts. In fact, the operation is relatively simple. As long as we pay more attention to the installation, the noise can be reduced. If you master these methods described above, you can also extend the Service life of ventilation ducts.

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