How to install flexible aluminum duct

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How to install flexible aluminum duct

The role of the aluminum flexible duct is mainly to help us transport gas or as part of the duct system. The aluminum flexible duct has good sealing, strength, and softness. In addition, such an aluminum foil air duct is very convenient to install, and there are fewer connection points, so it is more trouble-free. However, in different environments, air ducts of different specifications may be used. The installation of this type of pipe can be said to be very critical because the impact on the later stage is greater. Let’s take a look at the basic precautions for the installation of an aluminum flexible duct.

1. Before the construction of the aluminum flexible air duct, the relevant operators must try their best to be familiar with the air duct and the layout of the air outlet. In addition, it is necessary to understand the design requirements, air duct installation process steps, etc., and then conduct technical disclosure and discussion with the construction team.

2. In addition, professional quality and safety personnel should conduct a comprehensive inspection of all construction equipment, tools, and materials in accordance with the prescribed requirements before the installation of aluminum foil air ducts. The aluminum foil duct installation procedure can only be carried out after ensuring that all items are qualified.

3. When connecting the fan and the air duct, a standard soft joint should be added at the air inlet and outlet. The size of this type of soft joint must be in the same state as the air inlet and outlet of the fan.

4. In addition, the fan hose joint can also choose canvas or standard artificial leather and other materials. It should be known that the length of such a hose should not be less than 200 cm as much as possible, and the tightness should also be kept in a moderate state. But the flexible hose can help it absorb the vibrations generated by the fan during operation.

5. During the installation process of the aluminum foil air duct, there will be connections directly related to heating equipment or dust removal equipment. When the relevant equipment is installed, you should take prefabrication and system installation steps according to the actual surveying and mapping drawings.

6. When installing the aluminum flexible air duct, the inlet and outlet should be kept open when the air duct is prefabricated. Simply put, it is to find a suitable position on the installed air duct to open the air outlet, and then the interface should be kept in a tight state.

7. For the hoisting sequence of this type of air duct, it should be in the order of the main pipe first, then the branch, and the riser. Furthermore, when hoisting, the hoisting point must remain firm. Then the two lifting points should be kept in a state of uniform force. If vertical aluminum foil duct installation is required, manual and large ropes can be selected for auxiliary installation. Then slowly adjust the verticality of the air duct, and strive to make the verticality meet the requirements.

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