How to improve indoor ventilation during COVID-19?

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How to improve indoor ventilation during COVID-19?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019, how to control the spread of the virus has become the focus of social concern. Many studies show that scientific control of indoor ventilation is an effective method to control transmission. Indoor ventilation is generally divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation by power mode. 

Natural ventilation, which is known to us as window-opening ventilation, uses natural convection to achieve indoor air circulation and reduce the concentration of indoor viruses. Although natural ventilation is the simplest and most widely used method, it has to choose mechanical ventilation with fan pressure when the room is in a bad position or there is no outside window indoors.

1.When choosing the ventilation fans, we must ensure that the indoor ventilation is sufficient, so the air volume of the fan is better than the calculated slightly larger. The air volume of the fresh air fan can be 30-50m3/h per person. Also because of the epidemic, the fresh air ratio can be appropriately increased a little.

2.Clean the vent diffuser regularly. Usually, we clean the air vents half a year or even a year.

3.Choose the right vent diffuser, it is best to adjust the opening of the vents, so that the air supply can be adjusted according to the need, such as adjustable louver tuyere.

4.Reasonable arrangement of vent diffuser, so as to create a good form of indoor air distribution.,which is necessary to ensure good indoor ventilation.

General speaking,If there is good ventilation indoors, it will be of great benefit not only to improve comfort, but also to prevent COVID-19.

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