Do I need to install central air-conditioning in my home?

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Do I need to install central air-conditioning in my home?


  1. More comfortable

    In addition to the air supply port, the indoor unit of the household central air conditioner also has a return air  port. Therefore, the household central air conditioner has a more reasonable air circulation and the indoor        temperature is more uniform. Generally speaking, our indoor temperature can maintain a constant                    temperature of ±1℃, and it feels very comfortable.

   2. Good-looking and space-saving

   The duct of the fresh air system is the ceiling of the sidewalk, so there are almost no ducts inside, and the air outlet is exposed on the ceiling, so the decoration is very beautiful, different from the wall-mounted type. There is also a condenser in the room, and the indoor unit is hung indoors, which is better than traditional air conditioners.

   3. Low Cost

   For the traditional split machine, because it is greatly affected by changes in the indoor environment temperature, especially for fixed-frequency air conditioners, the compressor starts and stops frequently, which also causes the air conditioner to consume a lot of power. The home central air conditioner uses DC frequency conversion technology and new refrigerant technology, which can individually control each indoor unit, and turn on that room when it needs to be cooled. Therefore, the power consumption of the home central air conditioner is relatively small. The larger the room area at home, the more cost-effective the central air-conditioning installation. 


   1.Expensive to buy

   The price of central air conditioners is much more expensive than traditional wall-mounted air conditioners and vertical air conditioners. The parts cost of central air-conditioning is higher, and the installation cost is higher. The overall initial investment cost is much higher than that of traditional air conditioners. If the general household has little demand for this, it is not recommended to install central air-conditioning.  

   2. Expensive to maintain

   If the central air conditioner can be bought from a good big brand, it can be used for a long time. It doesn’t matter that it can basically be used for more than ten years. If damaged, it will be replaced by a new one. If it is 1-2 years, it will be broken. Maintenance, especially the maintenance and replacement of the outdoor unit, is more troublesome, and the outdoor unit must match the indoor unit. Without the previous outdoor unit model, it is not easy to replace.

   3.Space height is limited

  The installation of central air-conditioning must be suspended to hide the ducts. Therefore, the ceiling shape will occupy part of the headspace. If the ceiling height is not very high, the central air-conditioning will cause the floor height to decrease, and it will produce a sense of depression.

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