Control valve maintenance


Control valve maintenance

1. Routine maintenance work content of control valve

The daily maintenance work of the control valve is divided into two parts: tour inspection and regular maintenance. The tour inspection work is as follows.

1. Learn about the operation of the regulating valve from the process operator on duty.

2. Check the supply energy of the regulating valve and related accessories (air source, hydraulic oil or power source)

3. Check the operation of the hydraulic oil system.

4. Check whether the static and dynamic sealing points of the regulating valve are leaking.

5. Check whether the connecting pipelines and joints of the regulating valve are loose or corroded.

6. Check the regulating valve for abnormal sound and large vibration, and check the supply situation.

7. Check whether the action of the regulating valve is flexible and whether it changes in time when the control signal changes

8. Listen to the valve core and valve seat for abnormal vibration or noise.

9. If problems are found, contact them in time.

10. Make a record of the touring inspection and archive it.

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