Classification of control valves

Classification of control valves

According to the characteristics of the stroke, the regulating valve can be divided into straight stroke and angular stroke. Straight stroke includes: single seat valve, double seat valve, sleeve valve, cage valve, angle valve, three-way valve, diaphragm valve; angular stroke includes: butterfly valve, ball valve, eccentric rotary valve, full-function ultra-light regulating valve.

According to the driving mode, the regulating valve can be divided into: manual regulating valve, pneumatic regulating valve, electric regulating valve and hydraulic regulating valve, namely pneumatic regulating valve with compressed air as power source, electric regulating valve with electricity as power source, and liquid Hydraulic control valve powered by medium (such as oil) pressure;

According to the adjustment form, it can be divided into: adjustment type, cut-off type, adjustment cut-off type;

According to the flow characteristics, it can be divided into: linear, logarithmic (percentage), parabola, and quick opening.

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